Hian-Wee (Henry) HENG

My OC persona, SnowTrap the Snow Pea.

Hi there, Henry here!

I recently received my MSc in Cybersecurity from Nanyang Technological University. Prior to this, I lectured part-time at Taylor's College, concentrating on subjects offered at foundation and diploma levels. An educator by passion and techie by education, I enjoy helping new generations of hopefuls be their best selves to achieve their best as much as possible. Outside of education and cybersecurity, I enjoy solving sudoku puzzles, web development as a newfound interest/pasttime, and playing casual games like Pokémon and Plants vs. Zombies (of which I'm an avid fan of), Rakuen, and Mr. Saitou, just to name a few.

Feel free to reach out and I'll try to respond as soon as I can! I'm currently open for any cybersecurity industry job or a teaching position in college!